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The Missing Children’s Defense Fund

Missing Child Urijah Seagraves

Urijah Seagraves

In September of 2012, I watched a man in utter pain crying on the witness stand as he recounted how his ex-wife had abducted his son, Urijah.  That was my introduction to Donald Seagraves.

I was so moved by the testimony that I introduced myself to him and asked him to call me.  He simply responded “Thank you but I have no money for a lawyer…” to which I said “Call me anyway… I want to help you find your son.”

Since that date, we have: (1) obtained An Emergency Order giving Mr. Seagraves sole custody of his son, Urijah, (2) obtained an Order for the Arrest of Ivonne Seagraves, (3) filed a petition with the Hague in Guatemala where she is believed to be hiding with Urijah, (4) obtained the help of the US State Department, (5) obtained the help of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and (6) had Ivonne listed with Interpol.

Despite all of this, over three years has passed and Donald Seagraves still has not seen his son nor does he know the place where Urijah can be found.  The photo above is the last photo he has of his son.

IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

IRS 501(c)(3)

We are at a stand still legally until we find Urijah and we need your help.

We recently started a non-profit, IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization called the Missing Children’s Defense Fund, Inc. to assist individuals like Donald Seagraves in finding his son.  We are seeking tax deductible contributions to help fund the costs of this including (1) holding depositions of individuals in the U.S. we believe have knowledge of the location of Urijah, (2) hiring a private investigator to help find Urijah, (3) helping Mr. Seagraves hire an attorney in Guatemala.  While we have provided ALL of our services Pro Bono at no cost to Mr. Seagraves, he simply does not have the money on his small income to bear the costs and expenses of finding his son.

Video of Donald Seagraves

Stroud & Company, CPAs here in Wilmington donated their time to make this a tax-exempt organization, Attorney Michael Davenport in Wilmington donated his time to establish the corporation as a non-profit in the State of North Carolina, a UNCW Student, Alex Rhoades, volunteered many hours to assist in this project and Attorney Fred Owens, Private Investigator Bill Ratcliff, many staff of Rice Law, PLLC and others continue to donate their time and money to help find Urijah.

Please consider donating to this cause.  We are also happy to host volunteers especially court reporters, private investigators and others willing to donate their time to the cause or help us raise funds.

For more information, see the Find Urijah Seagraves Facebook Page and  please click below to donate funds.

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