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Co-Parenting App “AppClose” for Child Custody Cases

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AppClose Co-Parenting App

We are pleased to share a Co-Parenting App we recently found which our clients are finding useful to co-parent.


Co-parenting refers to a child custody situation where two or more adults work together to raise a child or children.  One of the most important keys in co-parenting is communication.  To effectively take part in child rearing, both parents need to share information with the other about the child(ren).  Some parents find this quite difficult especially if emotional baggage lingers from a painful divorce process.  In fact, we have sometimes seen a judge award primary child custody to one parent because both parents do not present the ability to co-parent.  Some judges may feel that a shared custodial arrangement where each parent gets significant parenting time simply will not work if the parent’s can’t demonstrate that they can share information and co-parent.

AppClose is one tool that facilitates such communication and co-parenting (www.appclose.com).  It is free and there are versions for both iOS and Andoid for download to your phone or device.

Co-Parenting App Features:

  • Calendar — Share schedules with your co-parent so that each of you have information on the child(ren)’s activities, schedules, parenting time, etc.  It includes templates such as “alternating weeks.”
  • Request Reimbursements and Get Paid – Send a request with a photo of the bill for the other parent’s portion of reasonable uninsured medical bills, extracurricular activities and the like.  The app includes the ability to process and send electronic payments.
  • Family Profile and Children’s Info — Share details including the children’s clothing sizes, children’s doctors, etc.
  • Allows communication of information to your attorney.
  • Allows you to keep all of the co-parenting information in one place.

In the past, we often recommended OurFamilyWizard which is a similar product which is not free.  We recommend you try this program.  Please let us know your thoughts.