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Getting a divorce in North Carolina

Learn what's required to get a divorce in NC, and get information on legal separation, spousal support and property division. Read why online divorce companies don't make sense but if you still want to do it yourself, we offer a free DIY divorce kit.

Resolving child custody and visitation issues

Most parents resolve child custody issues while considering their child's best interests with an attorney or through mediation. Contested cases are decided by the courts. Children born out of wedlock should be legitimated.

Determining child support payments

Access child support calculators to help approximate child support payments for primary, shared, or split custody arrangements.

Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial agreements

Guard your personal and property rights with Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements.

Property settlements

Couples can resolve property division with a Separation Agreement & Property Settlement (SAPS) or through a lawsuit for equitable distribution.

Ready for divorce? Ten steps to help you survive

If you are thinking about a divorce in North Carolina, you need to take certain steps to safeguard yourself, your children, and your money.

Answering Legal Questions

Family Law Attorney Mark Spencer Williams answers legal questions on Avvo.com, an online source for legal advice and lawyer ratings.

Read More Family Law Questions & Answers.